This is the latest relevant novelty in town, whicho opened on New Year’s Eve 2010. After five years at the hotel and catering school and more tan ten years’ experience in well-known pastry shops, Ana Belén Fernández decided to take the plunge and créate her own  bakery with the backing of her brother and sister-in-law.

The establishment’s name, Chokoreto, i show chocolate is pronounced in Japanese. There se labours from sunrise to sunset in search of sublime flavours, with cocoa taking centre stage.

The establishment boasts an attractive, modern conuter with well-regulated climate control that contributes to sales, as well as six tablets that allow customers to taste a selection of coffees and teas in situ accompanied by fine artisan biscuits. It fills an important gap that existed in the residential neighbourhood of Viesques.


We are going to Biarittz pastry to eat “casadiellas”. Would you like to come with us?

Back in the 1970s, a precocious assistant pastry chef who had learned the trade in Granada, and who had also worked both in a flour Factory in Burgos and as an analyst in a nitrogen Factory in la Felguera, decided to open un shop closet o San Lorenzo Beach.

It was a raging success and he son began to be known and recognised for his excellent way of frying “churros” as well as “casadielles”. In 1979, Francisco passed on the baton to his daughter Rosa, who continues to run the business nowadays, keeping up the tradition of lighting the flame that enraptures passers-by every morning.

The delegation of Gijón, leaded by Pedro Barbillo, Sports Councillor, has defended the bid against cities like Munich, Moscow or Pekin. The championship will take place from the 15th to the 21st of September of 2014 at Gijón’s sports palace.

The members of the delegation have presented the best proposal at the General Assembly of the International Climbing Federation, held the last 25th of February in Amsterdam.

The competition area will be placed at the Sports Palace’s Central Court, which can hold up to 7000 people (up to 5000 seated), and there will be around one thousand climbers competing in Gijón.

Sweet-toothed Gijón presents one of its most irresistible temptations: The “Latido de Manzana” (Applebeat).
This delicious sweet is made with crumble biscuit (base), chocolate ganache and roasted apples. A black chocolate table covers the top of it.

Where can you taste this special sweet? In Argüelles, one of the oldest pastries of Gijón. Its origins date back to early 20th Century when Gersán, the great-grandfather of the current generation of bakers sold eggs, sweets and flour in the town of Laviana.

After years of success, his children named the new Pastry as Argüelles, as his father’s surname. These days it is one of the most elegant and known establishments of Gijón.

From the 12th to the 15th April Gijón will host the April Fair with the purest Andalusian style. During these days, the event offers lots of different activities such as Flamenco dancing, gastronomic activities, contest for children, music and dance groups…

See the program on the following link: Gijón’s April Fair

We show you some pictures:

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Gijón’s cuisine: Fabada

FabadaThese days the “Soup and Broths” gastronomic event is taking part in Gijón. On this article we are going to write about the “Fabada Asturiana”, the most famous stew of the region.

Fabada is made with beans and pork belly, “chorizo and morcilla” (kind of red and black sausages). It is a hot and heavy dish most commonly eaten during winter and at the largest meal of the day, lunch. It is typically served with crusty bread, and with Asturian cider or a red wine.

The experts think that the fabada could exist since the 18th Century thanks to the influence of St. James’ Way due to its similarity to the french “cassoulet del Languedoc”.

The first written reference dates from 1884, where a Gijón’s newspaper called “El Comercio” mentions it, but without the recipe. Do you want to cook it? We leave you this link to the fabada recipe.

Enjoy your meal!

Sweet-toothed Gijón offers the chance to try 16 specialities that are emblematic of their corresponding establishments in the city. Thanks to their vouchers, you can taste 5 sweets (5 €) or 10 (13 €).

We would like to introduce you one of the newness of this edition of Sweet-toothed Gijón: Coppelia.

This establishment is an ice-cream parlor, founded in 1992. They make artisan ice creams during the whole year. One of their specialities is the apple ice cream, included within the variety you can taste with these vouchers.

They also make efforts to create new tastes, creams and sorbets, such as gin tonic, mojito or pistachio sorbets. Their ice creams are characterized by a low grade of overrun, the amount of air incorporated to the ice cream.

Its owners, Mila and Chema, come from a family with high experience on ice cream making, but on this period, they introduce some creative recipes, like greek yogurt ice cream.

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